Production & Quality

Our Tersus manufacturing plant is 100% self-contained with no harmful effects to the environment. Our dedicated trucks and tanks are loaded 100% inside our bay area, avoiding contamination. Using ONLY pharmaceutical grade urea, our guaranteed supply source allows us to operate and provide uninterrupted service.

Our American Petroleum Institute (API) licensed diesel exhaust fluid goes through a filtration system both at the plant and on the trucks.  We test every single batch we produce to ensure our product meets specification.

Tersus is the only company in the region to produce, package, and distribute diesel exhaust fluid.  This allows us to offer our customers private labeling under our API license.  We offer packaged goods (1 Gal. & 2.5 Gal. Jugs) as well as drums, totes, and bulk transport loads.

At Tersus we put the resources behind helping this part of the country fulfill its diesel exhaust fluid needs.  By producing everything locally, we are able to provide jobs to local citizens.